Frequently Asked Questions

Event Information

Q. What type of events does the group organize?

Hangouts are typically just a few individuals that get together in a friendly hang out without formalizing an official event. We have quite a few of these throughout the year. It’s usually by invitation for closer friends that end up getting together to share some time together. Many of these hangouts are not domain focused but shop talk is not off the table. They are usually held at a member’s house, cigar lounge or anywhere they choose. Sometimes, our non-local colleagues reach out to us when they going to visit South Florida. Ask a member or organizer when these are held. It’s possible that you could join a small group and make some memories. 

Socials are planned events designed to connect with new members or reconnect with existing friends in the domain space. Most socials are free but some have costs. You’ll need to check the event details for more info. The free events are usually held at places where everyone can get their own tab such as restaurants, food halls, breweries, bars or other places where we can meet and have conversations.

Q. What do we look for when organizing an event?

Free Events
When planning a free event for the SouthFloridaDomainers group, we consider several factors. Our ideal venue would have no admission fee, ample space for our group without requiring a reservation or financial commitment, indoor seating with the option of outdoor seating, affordable food and drinks for everyone to purchase, and an atmosphere that is quiet enough for conversation but lively and energetic. Additionally, we strive to find venues with free parking when possible.

Paid Events
Paid events are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Past events have included boat cruises on the bay, restaurant outings, Top Golf games, and even concerts. The cost of these events varies based on the type of activity and level of investment required. While some events are more casual and may not require advance notice or a formal announcement, others will be announced with ample time to make a commitment to attend. Regardless of the type of event, we always aim to create a fun and engaging atmosphere where members can connect and share their passion for the domain industry.

Q. What is the cost of joining the group?

  • There is no fee to join the members list.
  • Social events are typically free, as long as no financial commitment is required for reservations. However, if a reservation involves a minimum spend requirement or a guaranteed deposit, attendees will be asked to pay for the event in advance. Check the specific event for more details.

Group Members and Attendees General Information

Q. What is the cost of joining the group?

The SouthFloridaDomainers group is a community of hundreds of individuals with a shared passion for the domain industry. While most of our members are based in South Florida, we also have members who reside in other parts of the state, or only spend part of the year in South Florida, as well as visitors to the area.

Q. Who is invited to join and/or encouraged to participate?

We welcome individuals who have a passion for the domain industry or can contribute valuable knowledge to our community. If you reside in South Florida, we encourage you to send in a request to join us. For those who live outside the area, please let us know in advance of your visit and we will make every effort to arrange a meeting that suits your schedule while you are in South Florida.

Q. What is the dress code?

The dress code for our group events is relaxed and informal, as we believe in creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to participate in the discussions and activities. We encourage our members to come dressed appropriately to the venue, and in most cases, casual wear is perfect. Our focus is on the content of the conversations and not on attire. Whether you’re an experienced domain investor or just starting out, we want you to feel at ease and ready to engage in meaningful discussions about the latest trends and opportunities in the domain industry. So feel free to come as you are and join us for some insightful and fun gatherings!

Q. Code of Conduct Statement

If you plan on attending one of our meetings, please ensure that you come with a positive attitude. Our group is comprised of like-minded individuals who gather to discuss topics that are relevant to our industry. We value productive and enjoyable discussions, and we do not tolerate disruptive behavior that could negatively impact the group. If you do not align with the values of our group, you may not be invited back. Additionally, we have a strict policy regarding non-topics. Unless it pertains to a domain or is business-related, we do not discuss religion, politics, or any other irrelevant topics. We ask that you save those conversations for another time and place as they do not align with the purpose of our gatherings.